C++ Static Library Files and Folders

KEYZY C++ Client Library supports Ubuntu, Windows, OSX and iOS. The client library has Include and Lib folders for linking and compiling.


The client library supports Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022 programming tools. Visual Studio named 2017 as v141, 2019 as v142 and 2022 as v143.

The client library has 3 folders for windows. VS2017, VS2019 and VS2022. Each of them has 8 folders. Folder naming shows some details.

  • Each folder can start with D or R. D stands for Debug and R stands for Release.

  • Continues with 64 or 86. The 64 stands for x64 architecture and the 86 stands for x86 architecture.

  • Continues with MD or MT. This is a special setting for Visual Studio. Basically, if you distribute Visual Studio C DLL files with your installer, you can use MD. If you don't distribute the DLL files, you can use MT then the compiler adds all library objects to your executable. Please find the details with this link.

  • Continues with x64 or Win32. They express 64 bits or 32 bits.

  • Lastly, it continues with the visual studio programming tool version, v14x.


The client library has two folders for the OSX platform. Each library is compiled against Apple's universal library format.

  • XcodeAppleSiliconIntel64 supports Arm64 and Intel64 architectures as one universal binary file.

  • XcodeIntel32Intel64 supports Intel32 and Intel64 architectures as one universal binary file.


The client library has the XcodeiOS folder for the iOS platform. It has two folders:

  • arm64_armv7: supports arm64 and armv7 universal binary. It can be used for any iOS device.

  • iPhone11Simulator: supports iPhone11 simulator.


The client library supports the 18.04 version of 64 bits Ubuntu distribution.