Install WooCommerce Plugin

To start with, please download the file first.

Install the WooCommerce plugin

The installation process is the same as any other Wordpress plugin.

  • Login to your WooCommerce store as admin

  • Go to the "Admin Dashboard"

  • Click "Add New menu item" under the "Plugins Menu"

  • Click "Upload Plugin"

  • Click "Choose File" and select the "" file

  • After the installation finishes, activate the plugin


Add the "AppId" and the "ApiKey" to the plugin settings

  • Go to Keyzy's dashboard

  • Click the "App Keys" menu item

  • If you do not have a "Write App Key" pair with "Write Permissions", you can create one with the following steps:

    • Click "Add New App Key"

    • Change permissions to "Write"

    • Click "Add"

  • Copy the "AppId" and "ApiKey" information

  • Go to the WooCommerce Store "Admin Panel"

  • Click Settings / Keyzy Settings

  • Paste the "AppId" and "ApiKey" in their respective boxes

  • Click "Save Changes"

Other Plugin Settings

Show Download Link: Your users may download their license files on [keyzy-downloads] page if this option is checked.

Show HostID Input Field: If you use totally offline activation schema, your users need to copy and paste their HostID to that field. Please check the box if you use offline activation schema.

Show Manageable Activations to Users: If you check this option, your users can delete their activations from KEYZY system for Online and Semi-Online activation schema.

Add The Shortcode to A Page

After the installation of KeyzyWc, you may add "keyzy download" shortcode to any page of your WooCommerce site. Open a page and add [keyzy-downloads] shortcode.

Important Notes

The Product's SKU on WooCommerce should be the same as the SKU Number in KEYZY SKU Page.


You should also apply the following options on WooCommerce:

  • Uncheck: "Allow customers to place orders without an account", under WooCommerce Settings → Accounts & Privacy

  • Check: "Allow customers to create an account during checkout", under WooCommerce Settings → Accounts & Privacy